It all started in Greece back on late 2004, when Christos Dimopoulos, Nick Tetteris and John Davilas decided to form a band in order to play brutal death metal, looking up to bands as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, and in general influenced by the American death metal scene. After many name variations (Mutilation, Amputated, Engorged Cross…etc) they ended up calling their band Shudder. Chris took over the vocals and rhythm guitar, John took over the lead guitar and Nick the drums. They could not find a bass player but besides that and after many hours of rehearsing they entered studio Active to record their first demo. With the lack of bass player, (that would be their greatest problem in the future), and with no one willing to play the bass, they recorded their first demo with no bass on. Inexperienced as they were they fell into several inevitable mistakes, which by the way did not affect the final result so much. Their first and only demo was called: 'Buried Alive' and constituted of three songs (The Music Of The Dead, Corpse Defiler, Incinerating The Remains). It was a mixture of brutal death metal with some mid tempo riffs here and there adding variety to their music. Unfortunately Shudder broke up after that recording due to different musical directions each one wanted to follow. Later John added bass, reproduced and distributed the recording using the name Shudder-Arise of the dead, earning some encouraging critics from the local metal press, Nick and Chris after Shudder broke up spent some time doing different things.




At sometime around 2005 they jammed together in order to remember the time they used to play together, and decided to form a new band. Their new band's wavelength was following the American death metal scene, which demanded brutality and aggression in large quantities. The small but helpful experience of their first recording gave them new wings and almost in no time they had three new songs to be recorded. They called the band INCINERATION.

The lack of bass player and their will to make a decent recording lead them to ask help from a friendly group called Nekroi Bakogianides. Their bass player, Elias Pavlioglou, immediately offered his help. They rehearsed with Elias on those three songs, and the time they felt ready, they entered studio Active once again for their second attempt in song creation. They tried to minimize mistakes this time. Their new songs more aggressive and mature, gave out a tone of brutality, following the lead of bands as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Suffocation…etc, but also had their personal aspect on how to play death metal. Combining blast beats with more midtempo parts they achieved to make their music less boring and more solid. Incineration's first demo called: "Into The Grotesque" constituted of an intro (War Addict), and three songs (Paradise Of Depravity, Into The Grotesque, Eaten From Inside). The demo was sent to the local metal press, and received very encouraging critics, which helped them to carry on. The lack of bass player though (Elias agreed to help them only in the recordings…) prevented them from performing live.




Without wasting any time they started working on new songs. Their musical evolution was obvious. They started playing more aggressive and more precise. They decided to remove whatever was unnecessary from their music, and keep only what really meant something. They pointed at more and more aggressiveness, in anyway. The title of their next album inevitably showed their will for brutality "Barbaric Invocation Of Death'. Their second demo was also recorded on Active studios. This time they were very punctual on details, as this demo was not only meant to be distributed in the metal press, but it would be also used as means of finding a record label. Their eternal problem, the bass player, was still there but it did not bring them down, as this time Chris decided to play the bass guitar himself. Perverted butchery, Hymn To The Divine Necrophagy and The Curse Of Abomination were the titles of the three songs that formed Incineration's second demo. Their second demo earned more encouraging critics than those of their first. Despite the fact that many record labels were one way or another interested in Incineration, the terms they set could, due to Incinerations heavy schedule (daily jobs, studies…etc), not be fulfilled. They faced music mainly as a hobby and in order to stand straight against the terms, they had to leave everything behind. Due to circumstances, no agreement could be made. Like they said: (We want a label that won't give a shit for us. We can't tour, we can't have a heavy schedule. We just want them to pay and distribute our album. Nothing more!!!!). Hard thing to find.




Despite their bad luck, a problem that bothered them for all these years was mainly solved. A friend of them, Hlias Vettas, agreed to help them as a session bassist until they would find a permanent one. On the 26th of March 2006, they gave their first live gig, in club Rodeo, along with: Nekroi Bakogianides, Ad Astra and Eternal Darkness. Although the gig drew the attention of a small amount of people (50-70 aprox), they managed to create a very warm atmosphere and earned the crowd's applause and head banging.

As the months passed by, new songs were composed. Their number was too big for a demo. They decided that it was time for their first full length, even if they had to lift the weights of paying studio, and distributing the album themselves. They were lucky though, because just one month before they enter studio, they signed a contract with a small record label called Alternative Death Records that belonged to a friend of theirs. The contract was open and even allowed them to leave the company in case they found a better one leaving them with the only obligation of recording the record. The album recordings took place at studio 222 during September-December 2006. The recordings were given to Stavros Bonikos of Kinetic studios for mixing, mastering and engineering processes. His experience along with the brutality that the songs had, led to a very solid and heavy result. The album was called 'BLASPHEMOUS THEOLOGIES'. There you will find six new songs (Barbaric Invocation Of Death, Hybrid Stigmata, Bloodstained Incest, Blasphemous Theologies, Carnal Desecration, Devoured While In Decomposition), an intro (Entering The Dark Corridors), and two older, demo songs (Hymn To The Divine Necrophagy, Into The Grotesque), that were rerecorded, and reproduced. The band is currently rehearsing in order to play live and promote their album……………